Distracted Driving

This summer, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration projected over  9,500 traffic deaths across the nation in the first quarter of 2022, making this the deadliest start to a year on U.S. roadways in twenty years. Many of those crashes were related to one of the riskiest behaviors a driver can engage in – distracted driving.

According to Virginia Highway Safety Office statistics from 2017 to 2021, on average, a crash occurred every 4.4 minutes, leaving 2.7 lives lost per day because of traffic crashes and 161 persons injured daily. As to injuries caused by distracted driving, there was a 9.0% increase in 2021 over 2020. The top three categories for distracted driving in 2021 were: (1) eyes not on road, (2) looking at a roadside incident, and (3) cell phone/texting. Of those three, cell phone use is a particularly alarming trend.

Distracted Driving and Cell Phones

Aside from a few limited circumstances, Virginia prohibits all drivers from using handheld cell phones while driving. Handheld cell phone use, whether for texting, talking, or otherwise, is a dangerous distraction that is illegal in Virginia, and doing so not only subjects the user to the possibility of a traffic ticket, it also puts everyone else on the road at risk.


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